Compassionate Care for Blood Cancer in Arizona

Blood cancers affect blood cells, bone marrow, or the lymphatic system. Your bone marrow is where blood cells develop. Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system. There are three main types of blood cancer: leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma

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Blood Cancer Symptoms

In the early stages, there may be no signs or symptoms of blood cancer. In some cases, you can have blood cancer for months or years before symptoms develop. Some symptoms of blood cancer vary with the specific type; other symptoms are common regardless of the type of blood cancer.

Symptoms can be vague, including night sweats, enlarged lymph nodes, headaches, joint and bone pain, weight loss, loss of appetite, and swollen or bleeding gums.

Other symptoms of blood cancer relate to abnormal levels of blood cells that don’t function correctly. This includes: 

  • Difficulty fighting off infections, leading to fevers, chills, frequent infections, and swollen glands
  • Low levels of red blood cells (anemia), leading to weakness and tiredness
  • Low levels of platelets necessary for normal blood clotting, leading to easy bleeding, bruising, and tiny red spots under the skin

Treatment of Blood Cancer at Dignity Health

At Dignity Health, we treat the whole person, not just the cancer. In addition to board certified surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists, your care team includes pharmacists, dietitians, spiritual care experts, and social workers.

Treatment options depend on the specific blood cancer. Traditional chemotherapy is a common treatment for all types. Your doctor also may recommend the following treatment options:

What Causes Blood Cancer?

Health experts know that genetic (DNA) defects can trigger the uncontrolled growth of cells, but they do not fully understand how or why these changes occur and how they cause cancer.

Certain factors increase the risk of genetic defects and blood cancer. These risk factors vary for each type of blood cancer. Being male and older than 50 are common risk factors for the three main types of blood cancer. 

Dignity Health offers comprehensive care for many cancer types, including blood cancer, in Arizona.