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Regain Optimal Well-being With Inpatient Rehab in Arizona

Acute inpatient rehabilitation refers to medical therapy designed to help people improve physical and mental function after traumatic neurological events such as surgery or stroke. Inpatient rehab is offered by Dignity Health’s Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

A Dignity Health doctor will oversee your inpatient rehab program. It will also involve a team of other specialized health care providers. To learn more about inpatient rehab in Arizona, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health and make an appointment.


Reasons Your Doctor May Prescribe Inpatient Rehab

An event such as brain/spine surgery or an unexpected medical illness such as stroke can be disabling. Your doctor may recommend inpatient rehab to help you regain the ability to move, think, and interact socially. In some instances, people require very specialized care to learn how to live independently and achieve a better quality of life.

Inpatient rehab may be part of the overall treatment and recovery strategy for many conditions, including:

If your doctor has recommended acute inpatient rehab, contact us to learn more.


What to Expect With Inpatient Rehab at Dignity Health

The type of rehab services you may receive will depend on your condition and your goals for treatment. When you visit an inpatient rehab center at Dignity Health, your care may be managed or performed by a variety of providers, including: 

  • Doctors, including experienced neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and physiatrists
  • Nurses, including those who specialize in neurological rehabilitation
  • Therapists, including speech, physical, and occupational
  • Psychologists
  • Registered dieticians
  • Audiologists (hearing specialists)
  • Case managers and social workers

The extent of your care can vary from a few hours a day to more extensive periods of time. You may have inpatient rehab for several days or weeks, based on your condition. Your care team will work with you to set goals and measure your improvement over time.

Your rehab will end when you have regained enough function to go home. You may need ongoing therapy for a longer period of time, but acute inpatient rehab will create the foundation for a better quality of life.

Dignity Health offers personalized neurorehabilitation services, including acute inpatient rehabilitation, in Arizona.