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Enhancing Recovery With Neurorehabilitation in Arizona

Neurorehabilitation is a doctor-supervised medical program that helps people recover and rehabilitate from trauma, diseases, or disorders of the nervous system. Doctors recommend neurorehabilitation to help people reduce symptoms and improve physical and mental function.

Dignity Health’s Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s, Chandler Regional Medical Center, and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center offer comprehensive neurology services, including neurorehabilitation in Arizona. To learn more, or to request an appointment, Find a Doctor today.


Why Neurorehabilitation May be Needed

You might be a candidate for neuro rehab if you have problems with movement caused by a neurological condition or disorder. Neurological problems that interfere with moving your body include:

Talk with your doctor to see if neurorehabilitation might be right for you or a loved one.


Benefits of Neurorehabilitation

At Dignity Health, experienced health care providers offer a range of different neurorehabilitation services and therapies, including:

  • Speech therapy
  • Hands-on training for learning everyday skills, such as using utensils or holding cups
  • Exercises to strengthen muscles and improve balance
  • Providing devices that help with everyday living, such as wheelchairs, orthotics, and adaptive tools
  • Suggesting home adaptations for improving movement and function
  • One-on-one therapy for learning how to swallow food safely (reducing risk of choking)

Our neurorehabilitation teams are made up of skilled neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and rehabilitation therapists.


What to Expect With Neuro Rehab at Dignity Health

You will be referred to a neurorehabilitation program by your neurologist or neuropsychologist. These therapies will be provided in a neurorehabilitation center at Dignity Health.

For some disorders, the goal is to maintain independence as long as possible, while for others, it is to regain the functions you previously had before an injury or illness. Your neuro rehab team will review your diagnosis, evaluate your abilities, and talk with you and your loved ones about your goals and preferences for treatment.

Depending on your condition and treatment plan, you may need to stay in a rehab facility for a short time or you may receive therapy at an outpatient rehab center. In most cases, your neurorehabilitation will involve performing prescribed programs or exercises at home, between visits to a rehab center.

Dignity Health is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of people with neurological conditions through personalized care and neurorehabilitation in Arizona.