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Find Your Treatment for Hip Dislocation at Dignity Health

Hip dislocation usually occurs from a forceful traumatic event. A hip can become dislocated when the bony “ball” at the top of the femur (thigh bone) slips out of the “socket” of the pelvis. A dislocated hip is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, so you should never attempt to move a person with a suspected dislocated hip. Call 9-1-1 immediately for an ambulance.

Our orthopedic specialists at Dignity Health treat a wide range of hip issues, including personalized care for hip dislocation in Arizona. Find a Doctor or call (877) 914-1670 to learn more about your treatment options.


Symptoms of Dislocated Hip

Signs and symptoms of a dislocated hip usually include extreme pain and an inability to move the affected leg. In most cases, the affected leg will look shorter than the other leg, with the foot turned inward. Sometimes children are born with a partially or completely dislocated hip because of a condition called hip dysplasia, which requires different treatment than a dislocated hip in an adolescent or adult.


What Causes a Dislocated Hip?

A dislocated hip often occurs as a result of trauma. The most common cause is a car accident, when the knee impacts the dashboard. A dislocated hip can also be caused by a fall, sports injury, or another type of high-energy impact.


Reliable Hip Dislocation Treatment in Arizona

Treatment for a dislocated hip always includes emergency medical attention because it can cause permanent injury or even loss of the leg if the femur is not put back into the socket as quickly as possible. Our emergency room doctors at Dignity Health will typically will administer a sedative to the affected person and then manually rotate the head of the femur into its correct place in the pelvis. Sometimes hip dislocation surgery is required to perform this action.

After the dislocation has been reduced, many people recover within a week. You may need to use crutches for a few days. If surgery is needed, recovery and rehabilitation may take longer and include physical therapy to get you back on your feet.

Whether your hip dislocation required treatment in the form of medication or surgery, you can trust your complete care to our board-certified orthopedic team. We are passionate about providing exceptional care from head to toe.

Dignity Health offers many treatment options for patients with hip dislocation in Arizona.