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Urologic Surgery (Kidney, Prolapse, Prostate)

Robotic Nephrectomy

Among the treatment options for kidney cancer are partial or radical nephrectomies.  These surgical procedures remove some (partial) or all (radical) of the affected kidney or kidneys. In radical nephrectomies for kidney cancer, surgeons also remove the adrenal gland that sits above your kidney, surrounding fat, and nearby lymph nodes, which will be tested to see if the cancer has spread. In a partial nephrectomy, also called “kidney-sparing” surgery, the surgeon removes the tumor while leaving as much healthy kidney tissue as possible.

If you are a candidate for robotic surgery, the procedure is more exact, smaller incisions are needed and there isn’t as much damage to tissues near the surgical area. Plus, you may experience a faster recovery.

Robotic-assisted kidney surgeries are performed at:

Robotic Prostatectomy

Men who qualify for a robotic-assisted prostatectomy find it a less traumatic, minimally invasive approach for treating and removing prostate cancer. The precise movements of the robotic equipment help surgeons protect the delicate nerves that control bladder and sexual function, drastically reduce recovery time and enhance quality of life outcomes.

Robotic-assisted prostatectomies are performed at: