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If you are a struggling with lymphedema, our program offers convenient access to specialized lymphedema therapy, education and support. Lymphedema happens most often after you’ve had surgery and/or radiation therapy for breast cancer or other types of cancer.

In Dominican Hospital’s lymphedema program, our certified lymphedema therapists provide treatment, while helping you to manage and control your condition.

With lymphedema, blocked, damaged or missing lymphatic vessels can cause noticeable swelling and hardness in any part of your body, most often in the arms and legs. For example, you may have visible swelling, a sensation of fullness or heaviness, skin feeling tight or decreased ability to move a joint.

Lymphedema can be painful and unsightly and may limit your ability to move or walk. Besides suffering discomfort, you may have difficulty performing even simple daily tasks like getting dressed. Having lymphedema can keep you from feeling good about yourself.

Our trained therapists know the latest lymphedema treatment options to help reduce swelling and improve your mobility. They will develop a treatment plan for you that may include compression, special hands-on manual lymph drainage therapy as well as therapeutic exercises to make movement easier.

We can help you manage lymphedema over the long-term and stop it from controlling your life. To access our services, you must have a prescription from your doctor.

Learn More About Lymphedema Services At Dominican Hospital

For more information about lymphedema services at Dominican Hospital or to make an appointment, please call (831) 457-7082.

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