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Pediatric Rehabilitation

At Dominican Hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation program, we help children with developmental, neurological, orthopedic, sensory or feeding difficulties and their families. We offer high quality occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy designed to meet unique needs of infants and young children, birth to age 6.

We Specialize In Treating Young And Very Young Patients

Our team of occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists is specially trained to work with babies and young children. In consultation with your family, they provide direct, hands-on, child-focused treatment. They also work to educate your family about many other issues related to your child’s condition and how to care for them.

Based on your child’s individual needs, our team works with your family to develop therapy goals, an individual plan of care, and a customized home program, all designed to optimize the results of therapy. We will also help identify other programs in the community that may benefit your child. In our speech therapy program, therapists help children with most types of speech and language disorders.

Services performed by our skilled pediatric occupational therapists include:

  • A variety of therapeutic activities to help your child achieve, maintain, and transition between levels of alertness
  • Breast or bottle feeding support for young infants, including transition to solid food as your baby is ready for other methods of eating
  • Feeding and swallowing therapies provided by our State-certified therapists who meet qualifications set by California Children’s Services (CCS)
  • Helping preschool children gain postural control and fine motor skills
  • Programs for medically fragile, premature, drug-exposed and other high risk infants and young children
  • Treatment that addresses  your child’s ability to eat, play and learn

Services performed by our expert pediatric physical therapists include:

  • Improving your child’s functional independence
  • Strategies to improve your child’s mobility and ability to play

Some common children’s diagnoses that may benefit from our program of specialized physical therapy include:

  • Abnormal gait 
  • Cognitive delay
  • Decreased motor coordination
  • Delayed milestones
  • Hypotonia or hypertonia
  • In-utero drug exposure
  • Language problems
  • Prematurity
  • Stuttering
  • Torticollis

You must have a doctor’s prescription to access our services.

Learn More About Our Pediatric Rehabilitation And Therapy Services

For more information about Dominican Hospital’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Program or to make an appointment, call (831) 457-7057.