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Remove The Stigma Of Mental Health

If you’re reluctant to seek help, the professionals at Saint Francis
can help you with any behavioral health issues.


Behavioral Health

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital offers inpatient services to help people suffering from emotional or psychological disorders.

Inpatient Mental Health Services

Inpatient psychiatric care at Saint Francis is delivered in a comfortable environment where patients receive individualized care focused on their special needs. Our compassionate team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, therapists, and counselors delivers care in a warm and kind environment. This atmosphere facilitates treatment to stabilize patients, promote safety, and promote self-care, as well as support ongoing wellness after discharge. The Saint Francis inpatient psychiatry facility is a 24-bed locked unit. Admitted individuals are typically in acute crisis, requiring a high level of psychiatric care and safety.

Admissions and Referrals

Inpatient admissions come through hospital emergency rooms or physicians, and are accepted 24 hours a day, every day. We also accept and provide assistance with involuntary admissions. Most private insurance, Medicare and Medi-Cal are accepted.

Learn More About Our Services

For more information about the Saint Francis inpatient behavioral health services, please call (415) 353-6230 or (888) 588-9998. If you or someone you love is in need of immediate assistance, call 911.

Saint Francis Emergency Room: (415) 353-6300

San Francisco County Psychiatric Emergency Services: (415) 206-8125 (24/7)

San Francisco Suicide Prevention Hotline: (415) 781-0500.