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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There is convincing evidence that cognitive-behavioral therapy and biofeedback can significantly reduce chronic pain. Cognitive-behavioral intervention has shown to increase adaptive coping skills, activity levels, and social function, as well as decrease pain, physical limitations, depression, and anxiety.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Goals

  • Improve mental abilities (e.g., concentration, memory, motivation)
  • Improve physical strength and conditioning
  • Improve stress management strategies
  • Maintain active healthy lifestyle through therapeutic and holistic exercise
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Reduce pain and symptoms (e.g., physical tension)
  • Slowly reduce reliance on pain medications
  • Strengthen coping skills

Patient Referrals

Patients are seen only after the Center for Pain Management has received an official physician referral from either the patient’s primary care doctor or sub-specialist. 

Learn More About The Center For Pain Management

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