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Our all-inclusive concierge approach to patient care features bilingual nurse consultation, interpretation, and escort services throughout the medical process.


Japanese Medical Services

At Saint Francis, we provide comprehensive health care consultation and concierge services for our Japanese speaking patients.

A Bilingual Team To Assist You

Our team provides a comprehensive approach to executive annual physical examinations, case management, and emergency services support. It is important to remember to bring your insurance certificate, picture identification (ID), and current medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) so you receive prompt medical care. If you have overseas insurance, please bring the United States billing address and telephone number, as they are required to receive cashless service.
  • Telephone consultation
  • Appointment, registration and medical services coordination 
  • Escort and interpretation throughout medical examination or physician visit
  • Discharge instruction and education 
  • Nursing consultation and comprehensive pre-visit evaluation for physicians 
  • Bilingual exam report

Executive Annual Physical Exams

  • “Ningen Dock” system in Japan 
  • Start-to-finish exam coordination with escort
  • Bilingual exam reports
  • Physician referrals 
  • Follow-up assistance 

Care For Japanese Tourists, Students, & Business Executives

The expert staff of our Japanese Medical Services provides medical assistance to comfort and expedite care for Japanese speaking patients.

  • Nursing consultations by telephone
  • Interpretation services (either in person or by Cyracom) for registration, examination, and discharge 
  • Health education according to the discharge recommendation and discharge instructions, as needed 
  • Follow-up referral assistance

Learn More

For more information on our Japanese Medical Services, please call (415) 353-6847.