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Mini/Microlaparoscopic Surgery

Mini/Microlaparoscopy has Revolutionized Laparoscopic Diagnostics and Surgical Procedures

Mini/microlaparoscopy is truly state-of-the-art scar-free surgery. While a standard laparoscopic procedure uses incisions approximately ¼- ½ inch in length, the mini/microlaparoscopy procedures, sometimes referred to as needlescopy surgery, use even smaller incisions, approximately 1/10 inch (2.3) mm in size, and extremely small surgical instruments less than 3 mm in size. With incisions and instruments this tiny, mini/microlaparoscopy represents the next generation of minimally invasive surgery. Using tiny equipment, surgeons are able to diagnose, biopsy, and perform simple procedures. This means patients experience a shorter procedure time, virtually no post procedure pain, and many times they can be discharged from the hospital with hours and return to normal daily activities and work within 1-3 days.

In gynecologic surgery some patients who need surgery for pelvic pain, infertility, fallopian tube problems, infertility and even some myomectomy or hysterectomy procedures can be performed using scar-less mini/microlaparoscopy.  In general surgery, some patients who need appendectomy, or cholecystectomy can benefit from this technique.

Few surgeons have mastered mini/microlaparoscopic. Finding a surgeon experienced in using this technique helps ensure you will have a positive outcome.