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RN Residency Program

The Mercy Hospitals RN Residency enhances the skills and confidence of new nursing graduates, which leads to improved patient care and outcomes.


Why the Mercy Hospitals RN Residency?

Mercy Hospitals RN Residency will provide evidence-based practice resources to the nursing workforce. We believe offering relevant, interactive and meaningful educational experiences geared toward nurses who deliver care at the bedside can positively impact patient outcomes.

Curriculum influences clinical outcomes by targeting topics point-of-care nurses are able to influence; National Patient Safety Goals, Core Measures, and Patient Satisfaction. Content is not a repeat of nursing school rather geared toward an overview of evidence based practices followed by a discussion of barriers and solutions.

Mercy Hospitals RN Residency provides subject matters experts to create/develop the e-learning modules using nationally recognized organization’s evidence based practices and standards of care.


Making Your Professional Goals Happen

This approximately 18-22-weeks paid program allows RN residents to learn in both classroom and clinical settings, working directly with experienced nurse preceptors in a hospital environment.

Our nurses are a dedicated group of professionals who possess a personal sense of commitment and responsibility to providing care that facilitates health and healing. We embrace the concept that each patient and his or her family have a unique background and individual needs.


Upcoming Opportunities

We will host a cohort of the Mercy Hospitals RN Residency in March. Applications for this cohort will be available in July.

To learn more about available Mercy Hospitals RN New Graduate Residency and other opportunities at Mercy Hospitals and to apply, visit the Dignity Health Careers portal.  

Please carefully read the list of requirements that you will need to include with your online application. You will need to download the RN Residency Application packet and required forms to include with your online application.