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The Family Care Clinic is located on 13th Street, near downtown Merced. It contains twenty-five examination rooms in a setting that also includes a conference room, a library with computer access, minor surgery and procedure room. There are four nursing stations with residents working in teams at each station, with mid-level practitioners and nurses helping to provide continuity of care.

There are opportunities to learn many procedures including lesion removal, joint injections, placement of IUD and Nexplanon.  We also provide vasectomy and circumcision as well as colposcopy.  Other services that we offer to our patients include comprehensive perinatal care where the resident will provide prenatal care, deliver the baby at the hospital and follow up both for subsequent postpartum care and well child care. 

During their three years in the Family Care Clinic, residents will develop a panel of patients and provide the full spectrum of family practice care. It is one of the joys of residency training to learn what it means to be a "family doctor" and provide personalized care to patients and their families. There is a great diversity of patients from all walks of life and cultures, which adds to the experience. Residents spend one to two half-days a week in the clinics as a first year resident, three half-days a week as a second year resident, and four half-days a week as a third year resident.

The Family Care Clinic is the real hub of the residency experience in Merced!

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