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Visiting Hours and Guidelines

To Enter:

  • All visitors will be screened for COVID symptoms upon entry, checked in at the front entrance Security Desk, and confirmed with the patient’s nurse prior to entering.
  • All visitors to the hospital must be 14 years of age or older. All minors must be by an adult at all times while in the hospital.
  • All adults must present with a legal form of identification, preferably a driver’s license.
  • Visitors without identification could be denied entry to the hospital.
  • Visitors must wear a hospital provided mask in accordance with the hospital masking policy at all times while in the facility. Visitors are expected to go directly to the patient’s room and stay with the patient until the visitor departs from the hospital.
  •  The cafeteria (Garden Café) is closed to visitors.
  • The Gift Shop is open to visitors, only 2 individuals are allowed in the shop at a time.
  • Due to change in CDPH guidelines, visitors no longer need to show proof of COVID vaccination or negative COVID test result.

Visitor Policy:

  • Up to 4 visitors per day (2 at one time at the most) are allowed per patient room.
  • Family Birth Center Support Person can leave and return during visiting hours, re-screening at re-entry is required.
  • Outside food can be brought in if it is in accordance with the patient’s approved diet plan.
  • Patients may have an advocate with them 24/7 with prior approval. Approval from the Administrative House Supervisor (AHS) required for rooming-in patient advocates. (isolation visitation situations may need to be considered).
  • Any additional visitation requests are to be made to the Administrative House Supervisor (AHS) for escalation to Administration.
  • Visiting hours are from 10am - 6pm

ER Visitor Policy:

Due to a significant increase in RSV, Flu, and Covid cases, Mercy Medical Center is only allowing patients to enter the Emergency Room/waiting area at this time.


  • One Parent/Guardian with a minor child
  • or one Patient advocate

Masking requirements:

  • No cloth masks are allowed under any circumstance.

Note: If you would like to download the visitor guidelines, click here.