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Phases of cardiac rehabilitation

If you are at high-risk for or have been diagnosed with heart disease, it is important to take action to prevent future problems with your heart. Your cardiologist or primary care doctor can write and sign a referral to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at Mercy Medical Center. We offer a comprehensive cardiac rehab program comprised of three phases:

Phase 1

During hospitalization
During Phase 1, a nurse or patient care technician will accompany the patient on short walks to build strength and prevent lung problems and pneumonia. In addition, patients are educated on how to help manage their recovery at home. The patient is ready for Phase 2 when preparing to implement a walking program.

Phase 2

After hospitalization
This is an outpatient program that runs for eight weeks that is designed to restore and maintain a healthy heart, as well as support the patient’s psychological and emotional wellbeing. This phase requires a physician prescription and may be covered by Medicare or private health insurance plans. Please check with your insurance plan regarding coverage and possible co-pay that may be required.

Phase 3

This is a structured exercise program consisting of one-hour sessions held three times each week. As an extension of Phase 2, these sessions guide the individual to exercise independently. This program provides patients with education, tools, and an exercise program to support a healthy approach to exercise and lifestyle. The maintenance program is generally self-pay, but please check with your health plan for coverage.