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Stories from our Volunteers

St. Joseph’s Friends of Seniors Program is comprised of compassionate volunteers dedicated to providing a helping hand to seniors in our community. Thinking of volunteering or requesting services? Take a look at the stories below and get to know a few of our volunteers.

Rosemary Kennedy (Cookie

"We help seniors feel like they have a life outside of their home and their illness. They don’t pity themselves or feel so alone. It’s like we give them hope to say,'I can do this with somebody’s help.' Through this program you can make real connections. I love to listen to my care receivers, and offer them someone to just be themselves with."

Wendy Porter

"When I retired my children encouraged me to do some volunteer work. I found the Friends of Seniors Program in the newspaper. I called and came in to speak with Sis. Kit and I’ve been a volunteer now for 12-13 years. I really enjoy it! I have not moved out of Stockton mostly because I don’t want to stop volunteering with this program and the seniors I volunteer with...This program makes a tremendous difference in seniors lives! Many seniors would have to pay money they might not have for services like we provide. Things change and can get scary for seniors. This program seniors helps them feel safer." 

Pam Foreman

“To be a good Friends of Seniors volunteer you need to want to help people in different ways… Many people are afraid to open that door, to be connected or to be involved. It’s a community need and we should all give back."

Jeanne Kerr

"Seniors, and people in general can get quite lonely, especially when they are without transportation. I help to provide companionship and a sense of security. It especially helps their families feel better knowing that they have someone there to make it safer. The seniors and their families are always grateful. I find it personally rewarding because I can do for them what I couldn’t do for my mother in Indiana."

Get Involved

Our specially trained volunteers are generous, caring people of all ages who share a passion for helping others. They enjoy partaking in the wisdom of seniors and have a genuine concern for the challenges seniors face. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Friends of Seniors volunteer, or if you’d like to make a tax-deductible gift to help support this program, please call (209) 461-5112.