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Improving Access to Care

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St. Joseph's Medical Center and Community Medical Centers have partnered to transition St. Joseph's Immediate Care Clinic in order to expand health care services for the underserved.

Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Community Medical Centers, Inc. today announced that the St. Joseph’s Immediate Care, located at 1801 E. March Lane, will cease operations and reopen as Community Medical Centers, Inc. (CMC) on or about August 1, 2015. The transition to CMC will expand the urgent care services previously offered to also include primary care services. The move will strengthen the area’s community clinic system, while continuing to advance a shared mission by both entities to improve access to health care for the underserved. 

“This is an important transition aligned with the Affordable Care Act that benefits our community and the vulnerable patient population that we serve,” said Donald Wiley, President & CEO of St. Joseph’s Medical Center. “We are very proud of the services we’ve provided through St. Joseph’s Immediate Care for more than 30 years.  This change will help ensure long-term sustainability to the underserved patients who access the center for health care.  CMC has demonstrated its commitment to caring for the underserved in our community and I am confident that under their leadership, they will be able to expand services much needed in the community.”

The decision came after lengthy and careful consideration by Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center about how to best serve the patients seeking care at St. Joseph’s Immediate Care, including its future ability to serve the growing needs of the underserved, operational and regulatory constraints that exist as an outpatient department of the hospital, and the challenges of becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). 

As an FQHC, Community Medical Centers can provide comprehensive services, including primary care, beyond the urgent care scope of services previously offered at St. Joseph’s Immediate Care Center. Additionally, CMC is planning future expansion of clinic operations, which will enable them to significantly increase the number of patients served at the current site. 

CMC Chief Executive Officer Christine Noguera spoke about the opportunity to serve more patients.  “CMC has a 55 year history providing health care to underserved populations in San Joaquin County.  We are excited to work with Dignity Health to expand access in this unique and meaningful way.  Dignity Health is providing a quality building and financial support to help with the expansion of services.  We are hopeful that many of the Immediate Care staff and providers will join with us in continuing to serve the patients Dignity Health has served for more than 30 years.”

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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