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Medical Student Clerkships

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St. Joseph’s Medical Center welcomes medical students interested in applying to our Clinical Clerkships. Interested students must be in good standing and attend an LCME accredited medical school. Students attending an Osteopathic medical school are also eligible to apply. All interested medical students from LCME accredited medical schools and Osteopathic schools will contact Lillian Chaidez at [email protected] prior to scheduling rotations.

Please note: Clinical Clerkships are not a prerequisite for acceptance into our residency programs.

Emergency Medicine

The SJMC Emergency Department is a busy, high acuity department in with a robust residency program. This four week rotation is designed to provide students with experience evaluating urgent and emergent cases in the ED where students are expected to care for patients for the duration of their visit under the supervision of an attending physician. Students are involved in each component of patient care from taking H&P's, presenting to attendings, developing a differential diagnosis and treatment plan, and participating in procedures. Students will also participate in weekly resident didactics. Rotations during June-October are considered Sub-Internship rotations and are reserved for students considering specializing in emergency medicine. As such, during these months we require a Letter of Interest in emergency medicine (250 words max) as well as board scores (USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX 1). Rotations during the remainder of the year are considered EM elective clerkship and do not have these additional requirements. VSAS will be used for all nonaffiliated schools. Please submit a written letter of approval from your school prior to scheduling rotations. All submissions should be made to [email protected].


The Emergency Ultrasound rotation is designed to provide the students with training in performance and interpretation of bedside ultrasound examinations.  The students will learn indications of bedside ultrasound, how to obtain the ultrasound windows, and image interpretation.  Indications for ultrasound, knobology, image acquisition and interpretation will be emphasized for the following studies: FAST, RUQ, Pelvic, Aorta and procedural guidance including vascular access.  The students will learn under the supervision of the Emergency Ultrasound Director with an emphasis on bedside teaching and hands-on practice. Please submit a written letter of approval from your school prior to scheduling rotations. All submissions should be made to [email protected].