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Careful Evaluation & Treatment for Bladder Cancer in the Stockton Region

Bladder cancer usually develops in the cells that line the inside of the bladder — a balloon-shaped organ in the pelvis that stores urine. Bladder cancer usually affects older adults, although it can occur at any age. Most bladder cancers are diagnosed at an early stage, when they are highly treatable.

Expert oncologists at St. Joseph's Cancer Institute can evaluate, diagnose, and treat all stages of bladder cancer in Stockton, CA and the surrounding areas. To learn more about our advanced diagnostic testing and treatments for bladder cancer, Find a Doctor.


Bladder Cancer Risk Factors

While experts don’t fully understand the causes of bladder cancer, they do know that certain risk factors play a role in the likelihood of developing it.

Doctors at Dignity Health provide education and counseling on bladder cancer risk factors, in addition to regular screenings. Some things that make you more likely to develop this disease are:

  • Exposure to chemicals in dyes, paints, plastics and rubber
  • Smoking, which makes you two to three times more likely to have bladder cancer than other nonsmokers
  • Frequent or chronic urinary tract infections


Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of bladder cancer are often seen early in the disease. This allows for a timely diagnosis, in most cases. 

Some common bladder cancer symptoms are: 

  • Weak urine stream
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Pain or burning with urination
  • Frequent or urgent urination
  • Blood in the urine

Since these can be symptoms of other conditions, it’s important to have your doctor review your symptoms to provide the right diagnosis.

Bladder Cancer Treatment at Dignity Health

At Dignity Health, oncologists focus on preventing bladder cancer by reducing risk factors — mainly through counseling and education about lifestyle changes. Stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do to prevent bladder cancer. Ask your doctor about our support groups to aid you in any changes.

Treatments for bladder cancer will depend on the stage of the cancer. If diagnosed early, treatment usually includes surgery followed by chemotherapy inside the bladder.

Options for treating late stages of bladder cancer include: 

Doctors may often combine these treatments to increase the likelihood of optimal outcomes. Rely on our professionals to use the latest methods and technologies in your treatment.

Oncologists at St. Joseph's Cancer Institute specialize in the treatment of bladder cancer in Stockton, CA and the surrounding areas.