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Cardiac Rehabilitation

St. Joseph’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program offers you so much more than just a gym. If you’re recovering from a heart attack or if you have congestive heart failure or other heart conditions, we work with you and your doctor to customize an exercise program to help you resume a healthy lifestyle.

Customized Heart Health Care & Exercise Plan

Cardiac rehabilitation can help you increase your fitness, improve your recovery, and reduce your risk of experiencing new cardiac events. It can also help patients with congestive heart failure decrease the progression of the disease.

Our specially trained staff will work with your doctor to create a specific exercise plan based on your needs and your heart's response to exercise. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation team includes physical therapist as well as a registered nurse with certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. We will regularly inform your doctor of your progress in the program.

Exercise classes are held two to three times each week, for a duration of one to three months. In the program, you will use various exercise equipment while your heart rate, heart rhythm, and blood pressure are monitored. 

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation services include:

  • EKG monitored exercise
  • Cardiac risk factor modification
  • Nutrition and diet counseling and monitoring
  • Congestive heart failure exercise class
  • Long-term maintenance exercise program

Many insurance companies will pay between 80 percent and 100 percent of the program costs. If you are unsure about your coverage, the Cardiac Rehabilitation staff can help you check your insurance coverage.

Find Out More About Cardiac Rehabilitation

Give us a call at (209) 467-6360 to find out more about our cardiac rehabilitation services.

To enroll, you and your doctor must decide that Cardiac Rehabilitation will benefit you. To find out more about our award-winning Heart & Vascular Institute, or to find a cardiologist, call our Heart Patient Navigator at (209) 467-6540.