Caring for Your Loved Ones

French Hospital Medical Center encourages patient visitation that is conducive to the healing process and allows for the uninterrupted provision of patient care services.

For Visitors

The following guidelines are in consideration of our patients needs for support, rest, safety, confidentiality and infection control.

You may visit the hospital 24 hours a day, with the following possible restrictions.

  • Visitors are requested to wait until late morning if possible to allow for personal care.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave at 8:00 p.m. to allow patients to sleep uninterrupted during the evening hours.
  • Visitors are encouraged to observe French Hospital Medical Center's Quiet Time from 2 - 4 p.m.
  • Children under the age of 12 are permitted to visit and must be supervised at all times. Visits should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave a patient's room/area during special medical procedures or examinations, or if his/her presence impacts patient confidentiality.
  • We ask visitors who have a cold, or any other infectious disease not to visit patients until the signs of contagion are gone.
  • It is preferred that all patients have only 2 visitors in their room at one time. If a patient wishes for a friend or relative to spend the night, this must be approved by the Nursing Staff and the Administrative Supervisor.
  • Visitations to patients in custody shall be authorized by the law enforcement officer on duty.
  • Visitors who are disruptive and do not comply with staff interventions will be asked to leave. If necessary, security staff will be notified in accordance with security policy.
  • Visitors are expected to adhere to the "No Smoking" policy at French Hospital (not within 50 feet of our building.)
  • Entry into French Hospital from 8 p.m. - 5 a.m. is limited to the Emergency Department.

Any variations from the above guidelines are to be arranged through a physician and/or the Administrative Supervisor.

Gift Shop

La French Shoppe - even the name inspires an image of a cute boutique perhaps located down a quaint French country lane. The distinctive gift shop is located in the main lobby of the French Hospital, and is indeed a cozy respite from the hustle and bustle of a modern medical facility.

Hospital Cafe

Our café menu features house-made recipes, wholesome alternative options and a variety of freshly prepared goods for our patients and visiting friends and family.

Maps & Directions

French Hospital Medical Center offers a number of resources to help you locate what you need, from driving directions to a detailed campus map.

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Visiting hours on all units are unrestricted, meaning you can visit a loved one 24 hours per day. Please see information below for specific visiting hours.