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Expansion and Modernization Project

At St. John’s Regional Medical Center, we are making significant improvements and enhancements to our facility so we can offer you excellent care for generations to come. Watch our video to learn more about our modernization and expansion project:

Improvements and Enhancements Will Include:

Emergency Department

We are pleased to share we have moved into the final phase of the Emergency Department (ED) expansion project. 

In August 2020, we opened the doors to the 6,500-sq.-ft. ED expansion. Upon moving into the new ED, renovation work began in the original ED.

While SJRMC has always provided the community with board certified Emergency Physicians, skilled nurses and an exceptional team, the staff and patients now benefit from the following amenities in the new ED:

  • An improved patient and ambulance entrance
  • A new and sizeable waiting area
  • Three essential and private triage rooms
  • Centralized nurse's station with sophisticated monitoring capabilities
  • Sizeable private treatment rooms that have been configured to accommodate various medical emergencies 

Upon completion of the ED expansion and modernization project, the ED will be double its current size and will also boast:

  • A total of four negative pressure isolation rooms
  • A total of 31 exam rooms (including one bariatric room and two psychiatric safe rooms)
  • An in-department x-ray suite
  • Three refreshed resuscitation bays
New ER Room 2020

Neuroscience Center of Excellence

St. John’s is well regarded for our neuroscience program, in particular for the treatment of stroke.

  • To continue providing the best care to the residents of Ventura County and beyond, we expanded our neuroscience capabiities by adding a state-of-the-art suite that houses a neurointerventional biplane angiography system.
  • The biplane system produces highly detailed three-dimensional views of blood vessels leading to the brain, which aid physicians in performing neurointerventional procedures such as:
  • clot removal
  • aneurysm repair
  • arteriovenous malformations
  • carotid artery blockages
  • brain and neck tumors
  • intracranial hemorrhages
  • spinal compression fractures

Patient Access Additions

Our renovation project includes important components to improve the experience our patients have at our facility:

  • A discharge area at the back of the hospital will be added at the back of the hospital, to provide a more private and convenient discharge experience for patients.
  • The addition of a centralized entrance and admitting area for women’s services located closer to labor and delivery, mother infant, and Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
  • Expectant mothers will be able to bypass the emergency room during labor and enter directly—day or night—to quickly get to the care they need.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Few expectant parents consider the possibility that their baby may need special medical care after birth. Rest assured that St. John’s Regional Medical Center features a brand NEW Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed by expert neonatologists and neonatal nurses. Our NICU features:

  • 20 private family-centered rooms (with the ability to combine twins) sleeping accommodations, private closets
  • Conventional ventilation
  • High-frequency oscillator ventilation
  • Giraffe Omnibed Incubators – provides a supportive microenvironment for preemies weighed without being moved, humidity and warmth as if they were still inutero, can adjust in height to accommodate mom on a wheelchair
  • Designated area for the highest acuity NICU patients who require the latest specialized technology
  • A quiet and dimly lit environment to help nurture these special babies
  • A family zone/lounge with kitchenette and shower are available to help make families with a little one in our care more comfortable.  

So no matter what your little one needs, we’re here to help you through.


Center for Cardiovascular Health

  • Enhanced award-winning heart health services
  • First in Ventura County to implant a leadless pacemaker and perform cryoablation for AFib
  • Now performing Watchman procedure for patients suffering from AFib
  • Will soon perform TAVR for patients with aortic stenosis
  • More minimally invasive and robotic procedures
  • Establishing a structural heart disease program 

Labor and Delivery Modernization

The birth of a child is one of the most important life events for a family. At SJRMC we are committed to providing expert, loving care for mom and baby.

  • To accommodate the growing number of babies born at our hospital, we are expanding to include four new labor and delivery rooms.
  • When expectant moms come into the hospital, we will now have two private triage rooms and one semi-private (2 bed) room.
  • While family and loved ones eagerly wait for the arrival of the newborn they will be able to wait in a newly designed and comfortable waiting area.

Advanced State-of-the-Art Technology

As we expand, we are also investing in the latest technology to continue providing high quality care here in our community.

  • Another revolutionary technology that we will soon acquire is the SPECT/CT nuclear medicine camera. This new system allows fusion of two different types of scans, to produce a three dimensional image for more precise structure of the organ(s) and tissue scanned. With the quality of SPECT/CT images, our physicians will be able to more accurately diagnose a condition or tell how well a treatment is working. 


Our modernization and expansion project is made possible by our generous donors. If you’d like to learn more about supporting this project, please call (805) 988-2635 or visit