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Nurse Residency and Transition Programs

New Grad Residency Overview in California

At CommonSpirit Health, we believe our nursing care is our brand. We commit to providing a nationally-standardized, evidence-based best practice for newly licensed and new-to-practice nurses to transition to practice safely, effectively, and efficiently. Our Nurse Residency programs deliver nursing orientation and organizational socialization within the profession. Through in-person and virtually-enhanced education and support, the new nurse’s critical thinking skills, evidence-based decision-making skills, engagement, stress management capabilities, and leadership skills will be developed, nurtured, and optimized.

The program accelerates nursing competency by providing in-depth experiences, education, and support during the Nurse Resident’s first year. A competency-based curriculum coupled with trained preceptors and active mentorship capitalizes on American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Accreditation design and innovative, contemporary, and evidence-based practices.

Newly licensed registered nurses (RNs) are supported as they transition to practice at one of our facilities. The program consists of a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical orientation in addition to a 12-month transition-to-practice platform.

Transition/Fellowship Nurse program

Our transitional or fellowship programs have been created to assist in the professional development of nurses who have more than 12 months of nursing experience, yet have not worked in acute care, have had a break from acute care or are seeking to change specialties in nursing.

Our Facilities


Facilities Kim covers: 

  • California Hospital Medical Center
  • Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health
  • St Mary's Medical Center
  • St. Johns: Camarillo and Regional
  • Marian Regional Medical Center
  • Arroyo Grande Community Hospital 
  • Northridge Hospital Medical Center

Contact Kim Flanders at [email protected].

Facilities Tiffany covers: 

  • Community Hospital San Bernardino
  • Mercy Medical Center Merced
  • Bakersfield Memorial Hospital 
  • Mercy Hospital of Bakersfield

Contact Tiffany Russell at [email protected].