Volunteering at St. John's

Many volunteer opportunities exist at St. John’s for adults 18 years of age and older. Student volunteer opportunities and clinical internships are also available.

Volunteer Opportunities for Adults

Our adult volunteers may be assigned to the following hospital departments or programs:

They may also help with general office duties, hospital tours, special events, crafts, flower arranging, flu and immunization clinics, or our hospital magazine cart or hospitality cart.

Interested in Becoming an Adult Volunteer?

Please complete an application and at least one letter of recommendation or our recommendation form. Instead of mailing or dropping off your application, please call the director of Volunteer Services at (805) 988-2627 to schedule an interview, and bring your application with you at the time of your interview.

In order to volunteer at St. John’s, you must pay membership dues. Membership dues are $15 annually. You must also purchase the uniform. The volunteer smock/jacket is $28 and the polo shirt is $25. You will be required to take a tuberculosis test before you can begin volunteering, which will be scheduled at the time of your interview. Cost will be covered by St. John’s.

For more information about volunteering at St. John's, please call (805) 988-2627

Volunteer Opportunities for Students

The year-round student volunteer program allows high school and college students (16 and older) an opportunity to volunteer at St. John's during the summer.

Interested in Becoming a Student Volunteer?

Please learn more at our student volunteer opportunities page. A Health Scholar Program is also available.

For more information about volunteering at St. John's, please call (805) 988-2627.