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Protecting Your Baby from Zika Virus on the Central Coast

You may have heard about the Zika virus in the news and have concerns for your unborn baby. While experts work diligently on a cure and prevention, you can take steps to protect you and your child from the Zika virus on the Central Coast of California.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our OB/GYN and neonatal doctors can help you understand this virus, along with the causes of other fetal conditions, for your well-being and peace of mind. You can always expect care with humankindness throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Find a Doctor today at Dignity Health Central Coast to understand Zika virus symptoms and treatment.


Identifying Zika Virus Symptoms

Carried by mosquitoes and through sexual contact, the Zika virus poses special risks when contracted by an expectant mother. The baby can develop Zika virus microcephaly, a fetal condition that causes brain damage and abnormal brain development in the womb or within the first couple of years after birth.

Not everyone infected with the Zika virus has symptoms, with only one in five people having any signs at all. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any of these common Zika virus symptoms:

  • Rash
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Inflamed, red eyes

Not all mothers who get the Zika virus during pregnancy develop infection. So, too, not all babies have symptoms, while others have small heads or brain damage. Your doctor will carefully monitor you and your baby if you believe you have the Zika virus.


Zika Virus Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

The Zika virus is best prevented by avoiding exposure. If you are pregnant or of childbearing age, avoid regions where mosquitoes are actively spreading the virus.

In the event you can’t avoid these areas, our doctors ask you to take several important steps to avoid mosquito bites and Zika infection. Wear clothing that covers your body and is treated with the insecticide permethrin, use DEET-containing bug spray, and stay in buildings with air conditioning and window screens. In the case of sexually transmitted Zika, an expectant mother should use a condom if their partner has traveled to a Zika-affected area.

Talk to a trusted doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast about Zika virus birth defects and treatment.

Experts at Dignity Health birthing centers can help protect you and your baby from the Zika virus on the Central Coast of California.