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Understanding What’s Causing Your Headaches on the Center Coast

Of all the medical and neurological conditions that exist, headaches are among the most common. Though typically not a reason for concern, some headaches can signal a serious underlying condition like stroke.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our neurologists understand the common headache and carefully monitor those that may be a sign of something more serious. Find a Doctor today if you have frequent tension headaches or cluster headaches, and are looking for trusted headache relief on the Central Coast.

Call 911 or seek emergency care immediately for sudden, severe headaches with weakness on one side or the inability to speak, which can be a sign of a stroke.


Pinpointing Headache Causes at Dignity Health Central Coast

Headaches typically fall into one of four types: inflammatory, tension, traction, and vascular. Tension headaches brought on by stress are common and involve muscle tightening in the neck, jaw, and face. Over-the-counter pain relievers most often get rid of the pain. Our neurologists understand that high blood pressure can trigger a vascular headache, sinus infections lead to a traction headache, and infections, such as meningitis, can cause an inflammatory headache. 

The cause of migraine headaches is not yet fully understood. Whatever the type of headache, your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor can help you come up with ways avoid triggers and outline treatments for your health and well-being.


Headache Relief So You Can Fully Enjoy Life

Your doctor will determine the type of headache that you are experiencing in order to select the best treatment for you. Headache treatment focuses on pain relief and understanding the underlying cause. Medication and lifestyle changes, such as reducing stress, are very effective in treating and preventing headaches.

If your family history makes you more likely to get migraines or headaches, your doctor will discuss prevention tips for the specific type of headache. Reducing stress through deep breathing, exercise, and biofeedback may provide relief and peace of mind.

Contact Dignity Health Central Coast to work with a neurologist who can help pinpoint your headache triggers and outline ways to prevent future headaches.

Dignity Health neurologists provide trusted care for all neurological conditions, including headaches, throughout the Central Coast of California.