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Life-Saving Treatment for Bacterial Meningitis on the Central Coast

From college dorms to military barracks, the prevention of meningitis remains a priority. An infectious disease, meningitis can stem from either a viral or bacterial infection. Viral meningitis ranks as the most common, developing slowly over time, while bacterial meningitis happens suddenly and, often, is more severe.

If you develop meningitis symptoms and a doctor has diagnosed someone near you with meningitis, seek emergency care immediately at Dignity Health Central Coast. 

Upon your arrival, our caring team of doctors will treat your physical, mental, and spiritual needs as you start to heal from meningitis on the Central Coast.

Dignity Health Central Coast offers emergency care at these locations:


Meningitis Symptoms & Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

Both viral and bacterial meningitis share common symptoms. You may have vomiting and nausea, a stiff neck, headache, fever, or a rash. Infants will appear fussy, not eat, and develop a bulging soft spot. Typically, bacterial meningitis symptoms are more severe.

After diagnosing your condition, your doctor will develop a personalized care plan. For both types of meningitis, fluids, rest, pain and fever reliever, and monitoring are a part of your treatment for healing.

Bacterial meningitis require additional treatment due to the risk of serious complications. You will remain in the hospital in intensive care to receive IV antibiotics, and our health care providers will closely monitor you for seizures, brain swelling, and coma. Throughout your treatment, you will be surrounded by a team of caregivers who believe in a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect.


Stay Healthy with Meningitis Prevention

Enteroviruses cause the most common cases of viral meningitis on the Central Coast. Coughing, hand-to-mouth contact, and contact with fecal matter, such as a baby’s diaper, promote its spread. Common bacterial meningitis, such as strep throat, is spread through sneezing, coughing, and kissing.

Washing your hands frequently throughout the day remains the most effective prevention tool. In addition, the meningococcal vaccine helps safeguard you against the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in the US.

Protect yourself and stay healthy by taking a few preventive steps. Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast if you believe you have either viral or bacterial meningitis.

Dignity Health emergency doctors can determine if you have viral or bacterial meningitis on the Central Coast of California.