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Delivering Your Baby Using C-Section on the Central Coast

To safeguard you, your baby or both, your doctor may recommend a C-section on the Central Coast. Also known as a Caesarean section, this surgery delivers your baby through an incision in your abdomen and womb.

Dignity Health Central Coast birthing centers offer the C-section procedure due to a variety of factors that can differ with every pregnancy. Some women know beforehand that they will have a C-section delivery, while others have a cesarean as part of emergency care.

Find a Doctor today to find out more about C-section surgery and C-section recovery at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Understanding C-Section Birth at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your doctor may recommend C-section surgery as a safe option when a vaginal birth can pose risks for mother or baby. You and your baby’s health and well-being remain at the center of your doctor’s delivery plan. The reasons for a C-section can involve health problems with either you or your baby. Other situations include:

  • Delivering more than one baby
  • Previous C-section
  • Fetal distress
  • Unusual positioning of your baby
  • Labor does not progress
  • Placenta previa or other problems with the placenta
  • Very large baby

Whatever the reason, your care team at Dignity Health Central Coast will answer any questions you may have about the C-section procedure, your recovery, and personal needs. They are with you and your baby every step of the way.


C-Section Recovery for You & Your Baby’s Health

Outside of an emergency situation, your doctor will walk you through the C-section procedure so you’ll know what to expect and how to prepare. Your comfort remains very important, and an epidural or spinal anesthesia will numb you from the waist down so that you can remain awake during your baby’s birth. An incision made in your abdomen down into your womb allows the doctor to deliver your baby within the first couple of minutes.

Like any surgery, a C-section does come with a few risks that your doctor will discuss with you. Blood clots, infection, and a reaction to anesthesia are a few, and you will find out how to minimize those risks from your care team.

C-section recovery requires a few days in the hospital to give you and your body time to heal. While recovery takes a bit longer than a vaginal birth, with rest and following your doctor’s instructions, you will be up enjoying your new baby before you know it. Let your doctor know if you develop a fever, see redness around your incision, have foul drainage, or any other unusual symptoms.

If you need to deliver your baby by C-section, get your questions answered by a trusted expert at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health protects the health of mother and baby with C-section surgery throughout California’s Central Coast.