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Highly Personalized Care with a Midwife on the Central Coast

If you want very individualized care during your pregnancy and throughout labor and delivery, a midwife can help fulfill these needs. The term “midwife” literally means “with woman,” a perfect description for this women’s health specialist.


At Dignity Health Central Coast, our OB/GYN team includes certified nurse midwives (CNMs). These registered nurses have successfully completed a midwifery program and passed a national certification examination.

Considering having a midwife on the Central Coast? Find a Doctor today to discuss the benefits of a midwife nurse for the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit throughout your life journey.


Birth Plans Using Midwifery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Even before helping in your baby’s delivery, a midwife can perform gynecologic procedures and help you with family planning. And, long after your child has grown up, midwifery includes management of menopause symptoms.

Most commonly recognized for their individualized care during your pregnancy, your midwife will help with pain relief and support during labor, birth and newborn care, and breastfeeding support. If you are not experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, our midwives provide very personalized care based on your specific wishes and desires. They consider your pregnancy and baby’s birth a very natural occurrence that does not require medical intervention in a healthy delivery. Your pregnancy represents a part of a woman’s natural journey.

Midwives attend approximately 12 percent of all vaginal births in the US. Part of a midwife’s care involves teaching you more about your body and working with it during labor and birth. Women who use midwives are not as likely to use pain medication, tend to move more during labor, and are less likely to have a C-section.

To learn more about the personal care provided by our midwives, contact Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health birthing centers provide individualized care with midwives on the Central Coast of California.