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Humankindness & Compassion for Miscarriage on the Central Coast

A miscarriage is a very difficult topic to discuss, especially if you’ve experienced one. At Dignity Health Central Coast, we understand that full physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery from miscarriage takes time. Our committed OB/GYN doctors and nurses do everything within their expertise to prevent miscarriages on the Central Coast, yet they still occur and often bring heartache.

Dignity Health Central Coast remains by your side from the early signs of miscarriage through healing and recovery. Find a Doctor today who offers compassionate care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs after a miscarriage.


Understanding the Causes of Miscarriage at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your doctor may not know the cause of your miscarriage. Risks do increase with age, with 30 percent of pregnancies in women older than 40 ending in miscarriage.

Other causes of miscarriage involve:

  • Exposure to medications, toxic chemicals, and environmental hazards
  • Unhealthy hormone levels
  • Infections
  • Chromosome problems, resulting in more than half of all miscarriages that occur in the first trimester
  • Uterus or cervix problems
  • Uncontrolled diabetes

Talk with your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor to better understand miscarriage statistics and your chance of a high-risk pregnancy.


Signs of Miscarriage & Prevention Measures

Miscarriage means the loss of a pregnancy prior to the 20th week of pregnancy, with most occurring in the first trimester. Miscarriage symptoms include:

  • Abdominal cramping or pain that is similar to a menstrual cramp
  • Backache
  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Miscarriage tissue or fluid from your vagina

Let your doctor know if you have any of these signs of miscarriage. Remember, too, that light bleeding and spotting is often common during pregnancy. To protect you and your baby’s health, our OB/GYN care givers offer these prevention tips:

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  • Stay away from dangerous medications, substances, and chemicals
  • Continued care of any existing medical conditions
  • Regular pregnancy care

If you experience a miscarriage, our doctors and nurses offer ongoing medical and emotional support. We understand that you will need time to heal and can help you with your personal journey.

For help with miscarriage pain, both physical and emotional, schedule an appointment with a trusted doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health doctors, nurses, and other health care providers offer care with humankindness for miscarriage on the Central Coast of California.