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Experiencing the Joys of Natural Birth on the Central Coast

Every woman is uniquely different, as is every labor and delivery experience. Natural birth is an option for those wishing to embrace this natural experience or avoid any possible side effects of medications.

Dignity Health Central Coast birthing center doctors and nurses help you deliver your baby with a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect. Whether you choose a natural birth plan or the use of an epidural to ease pain, we provide care with humankindness that appreciates your personal preferences.

Find a Doctor today who can walk you through the stages of labor and what you can expect with a natural birth on the Central Coast of California.


Embracing Natural Birth Centers at Dignity Health Central Coast

Our birthing centers respect your wishes and want you to experience fully the delivery of your new baby with natural birth. While we can anticipate what you are experiencing at each stage of labor, your baby’s position, how far you’re progressing, and your pain tolerance all create a scenario that’s different from anyone else’s.

Unless your labor progresses very quickly, labor comes in three stages. The first stage is then further divided into early labor, active labor, and transition.

  • Early labor is when your contractions are far enough apart that you can rest in between them
  • Active labor signals contractions coming closer together with more intensity
  • Transition, the shortest stage, occurs when it feels like your contractions are coming one after the other
  • Second stage of labor is best described as the pushing phase, as your baby’s head begins to stretch your vaginal opening
  • Third stage of labor comes with contractions and lasts from your baby’s birth until the delivery of the placenta

At our Dignity Health Central Coast birthing centers, you receive support at every stage. Even though natural birth techniques do not include medication, you can use water therapy, controlled breathing, massage, and relaxation exercises to relieve pain.

If natural birth in our hospital is part of your birth plan, talk to your doctor about personalized labor and delivery care that’s right for you.

Dignity Health birthing centers respect your birthing plan that includes natural birth on the Central Coast of California.