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Bringing Your Baby into the World with Vaginal Birth on the Central Coast

The human body is a wondrous creation. Childbirth proves this over and over again every time a baby comes into the world with vaginal birth.

Most women have a vaginal birth during delivery. In certain situations, however, giving birth requires medical intervention with a C-section. Your doctor and nurse midwife at Dignity Health Central Coast will talk to you about the benefits and risks of vaginal birth based on your unique personal birth plan.

Find a Doctor today who respects your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during your childbirth experience. We provide trusted care during vaginal birth on the Central Coast of California.


Personal Care for Vaginal Birth Delivery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Most of the time, your baby’s design works perfectly in exiting your womb through your vagina during childbirth. A shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery, decreased risk of infection, and healthier respiratory function for your baby all comes as benefits for vaginal birth.

Although the best delivery option for most, vaginal births are not recommended for expectant mothers who:

  • Must have their baby delivered immediately
  • Have placenta previa, where your placenta covers most or all of your cervix
  • Have herpes or another active genital sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • Have a health condition or baby has a condition that can worsen during labor and delivery

Talk to your doctor to find out if a vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC) or with multiple babies is best for you and your baby’s health.


Giving Birth & Recovery After Vaginal Birth

Your labor and delivery experience is uniquely yours. How you progress, your baby’s position, and your personal birth plan help guide you and your birthing center team. The stages of labor begin with intermittent contractions to lead into almost continuous contraction. When your cervix become fully dilated, you will begin to push in preparation for delivery.

Your doctor, midwife, and nurses are on hand to support you and monitor your baby to guarantee your health and well-being. Childbirth ends with the delivery of the placenta. If you had an episiotomy or had vaginal tears, your doctor will repair those with stitches.

Once you hold your baby in your arms, most thoughts turn away from any residual pain to your newborn. Remember, it is normal to have some pain, discomfort, bleeding, and vaginal discharge in the hours, days, and weeks following childbirth. Talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have at postpartum checkups.

If vaginal birth is part of your personal labor and delivery plan, schedule an appointment with a trusted OB/GYN at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health doctors deliver babies with personal care through vaginal births throughout the Central Coast of California.