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Preparing for a Multiple Gestation Pregnancy on the Central Coast

Specialized care for you and your baby help to protect you during pregnancy. During one of your first ultrasounds, you may find out that you are having multiple gestation pregnancy, which means twins or triplets — or more. If you are having a multiple birth, Dignity Health Central Coast skilled doctors can help keep you and your babies healthy.

Find a Doctor today to assist in your prenatal care during multiple gestations on the Central Coast of California.


Symptoms of Multiple Gestations at Dignity Health Central Coast

If you find yourself overwhelmed with pregnancy symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and excessive fatigue, you may want to have a 3-D ultrasound to see if you are expecting more than one baby. Other symptoms and signs that you have a multiple gestation are high levels of pregnancy hormone (HCG level), more than one heartbeat, excessive weight gain, and a larger belly compared to other pregnant women.

You can have a multiple gestation naturally. Some women ovulate more than one egg and have fraternal (nonidentical) twins. Sometimes, one fertilized egg divides and results in identical twins. Your chances for multiple gestation are higher if someone in your family naturally had twins or more.

A growing number of women are trying to become pregnant using fertility treatments. Fertility treatments help a woman’s ovaries release more eggs and increases the chance of multiple gestation.


Expert Care for Multiple Gestation

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctors and nurses care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs while you are pregnant with multiple gestations in Central Coast, CA. Your doctor will talk to you about multiple gestation complications, including gestational diabetes, anemia, preeclampsia, miscarriage, problems with fetal growth, and preterm birth. They will monitor your well-being closely during every step of your journey.

You will experience our philosophy of care, dignity, and respect during your multiple birth pregnancy. Depending on any complications and your health history, your pregnancy team of experts, including a nutritionist, may see you more often for checkups to support you and your baby's well-being.

If you are expecting twins or triplets at Dignity Health Central Coast, you will generally have a C-section at one of our hospitals that offer a neonatal intensive care unit, including Marian Regional Medical Center or St. John’s Regional Medical Center.

Talk to your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor to find out all you need to know about having a multiple birth.

Dignity Health offers expert care for multiple gestations throughout the Central Coast of California.