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Preparing for the Big Day with Childbirth Classes on the Central Coast

While nothing can completely prepare you for the miracle of birth, childbirth classes cover a range of topics as you await your baby’s arrival. Many women and couples enroll in birthing classes at Dignity Health Central Coast to learn more about labor and delivery, as well as the role of parenthood.

Our childbirth classes throughout the Central Coast of California are conducted by compassionate caregivers who consider all of your physical, mental, and spiritual needs throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Find a Doctor today for information on childbirth classes and quality health care for you and your baby.


Preparing for Every Step of Your Pregnancy at Dignity Health Central Coast

How should we decorate the baby’s room? What name should we give our new baby? While childbirth classes can’t answer all of your questions, they offer valuable information on all aspects of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and caring for your newborn.

Childbirth classes at Dignity Health Central Coast help prepare many women and couples for every step of the journey. You can expect to hear about many topics, including:

  • Your baby’s development during each week of your pregnancy
  • Labor signs and symptoms
  • Preparing for labor and birth
  • Pain relief care during labor and delivery
  • Delivery scenarios, including natural birth and C-section
  • Caring for your newborn
  • Feeding your baby


Childbirth Classes Near You

For your convenience, our childbirth classes are available at varying times so that you can attend those that best work with your schedule. During your class, you also will get the opportunity to visit one of our local birthing centers at:

Both Marian and St. John’s Medical Centers offer neonatal intensive care units (NICU) for high-risk pregnancies. Our board-certified neonatologists and highly skilled nurses provide specialized care for you and your baby’s health and well-being. Talk to your doctor today to learn more.

Dignity Health helps you prepare for your baby’s arrival with childbirth classes throughout the Central Coast.