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Understanding Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy on the Central Coast

http:Worry and concern are often the first emotions you experience if you have vaginal bleeding in pregnancy. Know that as many as one in four women will share this experience when expecting a baby.

Our women’s health specialists at Dignity Health Central Coast are here to help you understand the causes of vaginal bleeding. They can range from harmless spotting during pregnancy to more serious, and even life-threatening, heavy bleeding that requires emergency care.

Find a Doctor today who offers personalized care for vaginal bleeding during pregnancy on California’s Central Coast. We address your physical, mental, and spiritual needs throughout your pregnancy.


Compassionate Care for Bleeding During Pregnancy at Dignity Health Central Coast

We know your pregnancy represents a very important time in your life. Protecting you and your baby remains our focus. Many different causes can lead to bleeding in pregnancy. Talking with your trusted doctor about these issues will help address your concerns.

If you are in your first trimester, bleeding in pregnancy can mean:

  • Infection or inflammation of your cervix, which contains many blood vessels, can indicate irritation that causes bleeding
  • Implantation bleeding caused by the embryo attaching to your uterine lining
  • Ectopic pregnancy where implantation occurs in your Fallopian tube rather than your uterine lining
  • Miscarriage can result in bleeding, especially if it won’t stop or gets worse

Vaginal bleeding in your second or third trimester can result from:

  • Preterm labor, with contractions and changes to your cervix before 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Placenta previa, the placenta is at the opening of your cervix
  • Miscarriage
  • Placental abruption, or when the placenta separates from your uterine wall
  • Infection, irritation, or inflammation of your cervix

Make sure to let your doctor know of any vaginal bleeding in pregnancy. Personalized medical care and treatment will depend on the specific cause. Prenatal visits help you and your baby remain healthy throughout your pregnancy, so schedule times to see one of our experts.

Dignity Health birthing centers provide personalized care for vaginal bleeding in pregnancy throughout the Central Coast of California.