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Treating Invasive Breast Cancer on the Central Coast

If you are researching breast cancer symptoms, you may be wondering how invasive breast cancer differs from other types of breast cancers. If you have invasive breast cancer, your doctor has determined that tumor cells have grown from their initial site and traveled to nearby breast tissue or other parts of your body.

Invasive ductal carcinoma, breast cancer that starts in the milk ducts, and invasive lobular carcinoma, breast cancer that starts in milk-producing glands, comprise the two types of invasive breast cancer.

Dignity Health Central Coast offers comprehensive care for all types and stages of cancerous and noncancerous breast tumors. Find a Doctor to schedule a screening for invasive breast cancer on the Central Coast of California.


Distinguishing Invasive Breast Cancer Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast 

Other than being a woman, risk factors for invasive breast cancer include:

  • Increased age
  • Abnormal genes
  • Dense breasts
  • Close relatives who have had breast cancer
  • Caucasian
  • Previous chest radiation therapy
  • Started menstruation younger than age 12 or experience menopause later than 55

Invasive breast cancer symptoms may include a lump in your breast, thickening or hardening of the breast, discharge from your nipple, a change in size, shape, or contour of the breast, or skin changes on the breast or nipple.

Mammography, a type of cancer screening for women, can detect invasive breast cancer. If any regions of your breast show signs of cancer cells on a mammogram, your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will most likely recommend a biopsy to gather enough information to diagnosis invasive breast cancer.


Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor provides care with humankindness when exploring treatment options with you. Your doctor will discuss the fact that lumpectomy and mastectomy are two types of surgery to treat invasive breast cancer. Your doctor’s approach will depend on the stage of breast cancer

Lumpectomy removes only the tumor and some surrounding tissue from the breast, and is typically followed by radiation therapy. Mastectomy removes all the breast tissue. Additional treatment options may include hormone therapy or chemotherapy.

Partner with a compassionate expert at Dignity Health Central Coast who is ready to listen to your concerns and find the most effective treatments for your invasive breast cancer.

Dignity Health’s trusted doctors provide personalized treatment for invasive breast cancer on the Central Coast of California.