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Get the Facts on Cancer Screenings for Men on the Central Coast

Simply being a man puts you at risk for certain cancers, such as prostate cancer. However, you have the power, to help stop cancer in its tracks with recommended cancer screenings for men at Dignity Health Central Coast. 

Screenings can discover cancer in the early stages when it is most treatable. In fact, cancer screenings for men can actually uncover precancerous cells before they even turn into cancer.

Take a step toward a healthier life with cancer screenings for men on the Central Coast of California at Dignity Health. Find a Doctor today to learn more about cancer prevention.


Prostate Cancer Screenings & More at Dignity Health Central Coast

While most cancers affect everyone, four specific types are more common in men. Screenings for men help detect these four cancers:

  • Prostate cancer: If you are between the ages of 40 and 49 and have an increased risk for this cancer, your doctor may suggest an annual screening with a prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test or digital rectal exam (DRE). Both screenings are common for all men 50 and older.
  • Colon cancer: Your doctor will recommend a colonoscopy every 10 years for men age 50 to 75. If you have a higher risk, colonoscopy screening can begin when you are younger. During a colonoscopy, your doctor inserts a lighted tube through the rectum into your colon or large intestine.
  • Lung cancer screening may be recommended if you are a smoker or quit smoking within the last 15 years. Your doctor may recommend a yearly low-dose CT lung scan from age 50 to 77.
  • Skin cancer: Your doctor should look closely at your skin as part of your annual physical. If you are a higher risk, you may want more frequent skin exams or decide to visit a dermatologist.

Along with these recommended screenings, your doctor may order additional tests depending on the results. While there are very few risks, you should talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns. Dignity Health Central Coast is here to give you peace of mind with quality screenings and tests. Meet with an experienced provider to learn more.

Dignity Health oncology services provides all recommended cancer screenings for men on the Central Coast of California.