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Stay Healthy with Cancer Screenings on the Central Coast

Cancer screenings are one of the most important actions you can take for a long, healthy life. Dignity Health Central Coast offers a range of cancer screening tests on California’s Central Coast to detect and treat cancer in its earliest stages.

Colon cancer screenings, prostate cancer screenings, and breast cancer screenings are among the most recognizable early detection tests. Find a Doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast to learn more about which preventive cancer screenings are right for you.


Encouraging Cancer Screening Tests at Dignity Health Central Coast

Finding cancer early, even before symptoms appear, is the goal of cancer screenings at Dignity Health Central Coast. Certain screening exams, such as a colonoscopy or Pap test, can even detect precancerous changes so you can avoid cancer completely. 

While most cancers affect everyone, specific screenings diagnose cancers that occur only in men or only in women. These include uterine cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. While anyone can get breast cancer, mammograms are a common breast cancer screening for only women. 

Your doctor is the best guide for determining the cancer screening you may need to prevent cancer. Recommended screenings for women and recommended screenings for men can vary based on your personal medical history, risks, age, and other factors.


Cancer Screening & Early Detection

Different tests and exams focus on specific cancers. Lab tests, imaging exams, genetic testing, and physical exams all can help pinpoint cancer in its early stages.

Cancer screenings can help save your life, and complications are very rare. However, they can provide a false negative or false positive result. Your doctor will discuss these aspects of cancer screening with you. Know that the benefits of cancer screening far exceed the negative aspects since such tests can protect you from advanced cancer.

Want to know more about cancer screenings on the Central Coast of California. Visit Dignity Health Central Coast to talk with a cancer specialist who cares about your health and well-being.

Dignity Health is dedicated to the health of our communities, providing life-saving cancer screenings on California’s Central Coast.

Stay Healthy with Cancer Screenings on the Central Coast