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Advanced Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer on the Central Coast

Pancreatic cancer often goes undetected until its more advanced stages. Pancreatic cancer treatment options focus on slowing the cancer’s growth while easing your discomfort and symptoms.

Dignity Health Central Coast’s cancer team approaches your pancreatic cancer treatment with a philosophy of dignity, care, and respect. Our therapies and treatments may involve targeted therapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

For pancreatic cancer treatment on the Central Coast, Find a Doctor and create a plan that’s right for you.


Approaches to Pancreatic Cancer Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your doctor will develop a pancreatic cancer treatment plan that takes into account your medical history and stage of cancer. A combination of options can help remove the cancer or inhibit its growth.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, we offer care with humankindness and these pancreatic cancer treatment options:

  • Radiation therapy shrinks your tumor prior to surgery so that we can remove all of the cancer. Often combined with chemotherapy, this treatment can help relieve symptoms if you cannot have surgery.
  • Surgery is an option when attempting to remove all of the cancer, prevent complications, or help your symptoms.
  • Chemotherapy is commonly used to decrease the size of your tumor before surgery and to eliminate cancer cells after surgery. Your doctor may suggest this treatment, in combination with radiation, if you cannot have surgery.
  • Targeted therapy involves medications that specifically target markers only found on cancer cells. With fewer side effects, this option can be more useful than chemotherapy alone.


Selecting the Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Option That’s Right for You

For your healing and well-being, it is important to talk with your doctor about the details of each treatment. You should consider the side effects, your treatment goals, and benefits of each option. You also may want to explore available clinical trials for experimental treatments.

Visit Dignity Health Central Coast to discuss all your options for personalized pancreatic cancer treatment.

Dignity Health cancer doctors offer the latest treatment for pancreatic cancer on California’s Central Coast.