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Expert Pericarditis Treatment on the Central Coast

If your doctor suspects you have pericarditis, a painful heart condition that inflames the tissue layers surrounding your heart, effective treatment is close by at Dignity Health Central Coast. Your personalized pericarditis treatment will help relieve your symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.

Our pericarditis treatment on California’s Central Coast ranges from rest and medication for most cases to surgery for severe pericarditis. Your doctor has your well-being at heart and will discuss how long you will need pericarditis treatment and other aspects of care.

Find a Doctor today for pericarditis treatment with care and humankindness at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Considering Pericarditis Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

Pericarditis may result from a viral infection or other unknown reason. Whatever the cause, treatment and prevention strategies center around pain relief and safeguarding you from other medical problems.

Dignity Health Central Coast heart doctors recommend these common pericarditis treatments: 

  • Antibiotics if the pericarditis is caused by a bacterial infection
  • Medications to relieve pain and reduce swelling
  • Surgery, while rare, to remove fluid around lungs and reduce pressure on your heart, or to remove part or all of the pericardium in severe or persistent cases

Conservative (nonsurgical) treatment is typically all that is needed for a person to get better. Your doctor will discuss treatment options for your personal care and talk to you about ways to prevent the pericarditis from returning.


Tips for How to Prevent Pericarditis

The cause of pericarditis is often unknown, so pericarditis prevention focuses on reducing your risks. The cardiac care experts at Dignity Health Central Coast recommend these strategies to help you take an active role in prevention: 

  • Seek immediate treatment for acute pericarditis to reduce the risk of chronic pericarditis.
  • Treat chest infections, such as pneumonia, promptly since these can cause pericarditis.
  • Get regular medical checkups for autoimmune conditions, including lupus. 

Contact Dignity Health Central Coast today to find out more about pericarditis treatment and prevention.

Dignity Health comprehensive cardiac care includes pericarditis treatment and prevention throughout the Central Coast of California.