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Relieving Pain with Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment on the Central Coast

Dignity Health Central Coast heart care can help relieve the pain and symptoms associated with your peripheral artery disease (PAD). We understand that this cardiovascular condition can keep you from fully enjoying life by making it difficult, or even impossible, to walk.

Caused by narrowed or blocked blood vessels in your legs or arms, peripheral artery disease requires quality medical treatment to prevent serious complications. Find a Doctor today for personalized peripheral artery disease treatment throughout the Central Coast of California.


Get Moving with PAD Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your personal preferences and life goals help guide treatment options at Dignity Health Central Coast. Your doctor also will consider your specific symptoms and the extent of the peripheral artery disease when recommending the best care for you and your well-being.

Dignity Health Central Coast’s award-winning heart team offers the following treatment options for PAD:

  • Medications to lower your high blood pressure, prevent blood clots, and reduce cholesterol levels
  • Lifestyle changes such as exercise, healthy eating, and quitting smoking
  • Surgery, including stent placement and peripheral artery bypass surgery to improve your blood flow and remove plaque from inside your arteries

Your doctor will cover the benefits and risks of each treatment option. Personal care with humankindness is our promise to you.


Peripheral Artery Disease Prevention

Similar to heart disease, peripheral artery disease occurs when fatty plaques collect inside your arteries and restrict blood flow. A healthy lifestyle helps protect your from a number of medical conditions so that you can enjoy the best of life. 

For peripheral artery disease prevention, experts at Dignity Health Central Coast recommend:

  • Exercise and an active lifestyle
  • A heart-healthy diet
  • Not smoking
  • A healthy body weight
  • Controlling sugar, if you have diabetes

For expert heart care for peripheral artery disease treatment and prevention, reach out to us today.

Dignity Health heart doctors help keep our communities healthy with peripheral artery disease treatment and prevention throughout California’s Central Coast.