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Effective Treatment of Raynaud’s Disease on the Central Coast

Dignity Health Central Coast offers personalized treatment options to relieve your pain and discomfort associated with a cardiovascular condition known as Raynaud’s disease.

Our compassionate heart doctors can help ease painful symptoms that may cause your fingers and toes to turn white or throb in cooler weather. For effective Raynaud’s disease treatment on the Central Coast of California, Find a Doctor at a location near you:


Explore Raynaud’s Disease Treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast

While a cure does not exist for Raynaud’s disease, your doctor will suggest some things you can do for your well-being and to relieve symptoms.

Common Raynaud’s treatment at Dignity Health Central Coast involves:

  • Relaxing to reduce the incidences of stress-related occurrences
  • Wearing gloves in cold weather
  • Taking medication that sends blood to your fingers and toes while avoiding medicine that restricts blood flow
  • Quitting smoking
  • Caring for your skin and feet so ulcers, infection and sores do not occur
  • Getting daily exercise for improved blood flow

Depending on the severity and recurrences of your condition, your doctor may prescribe additional medications to best manage your disease.


Take Steps for Raynaud’s Disease Prevention

Depending on the type of Raynaud’s disease you have, you can decrease your risk of getting this heart condition. 

While primary Raynaud’s is not preventable, secondary Raynaud’s can be avoid by:

  • LImiting repeated motions, such as typing
  • Staying away from industrial chemicals or wearing protective care
  • Stop smoking
  • Discussing the non-prescription medicine you take since some constrict your blood vessels and can lead to Raynaud’s

Trust Dignity Health Central Coast for advice on preventing and managing Raynaud’s disease at any stage of life.

Dignity Health offers care with dignity for Raynaud’s disease treatment on the Central Coast of California.