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Diagnosing Brain Conditions with an EEG on the Central Coast

If you or someone you know experiences seizures, sleep deprivation, or has one of several neurological conditions, an electroencephalogram (EEG) can help your doctor detect and monitor your condition.

An EEG at Dignity Health Central Coast is among a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic tests our neurologists use to carefully diagnose and monitor your condition. Throughout your testing, know that your health care provider will treat you with a philosophy of dignity and respect for your well-being.

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What to Expect with an EEG at Dignity Health Central Coast

An EEG scan can diagnose or watch the progress of certain health conditions that can affect your brain. Your doctor may recommend an electroencephalogram test for the following:

  • Brain diseases
  • Infections
  • Brain tumors
  • Seizures, including those from epilepsy
  • Head injuries
  • Brain activity during brain surgery to determine the effects of anesthesia
  • Sleep disorder
  • Changes in brain function, including coma

Your neurologist will review the results of your EEG test, along with your medical history, to provide personalized treatment for your condition. Your health and well-being remain our focus throughout your care.


What is an EEG?

An experienced EEG technician performs the electroencephalogram in one of our doctor’s offices or Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals. A technician will place sticky electrodes all over your scalp and, possibly, parts of your face. These electrodes are connected to a recording machine to watch your brain activity. 

With the information from the EEG scan, your doctor can determine if you have a seizure disorder, sleep deprivation, or other neurological condition. This allows you to move one step closer to compassionate treatment and improving your quality of life.

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Dignity Health Central Coast’s comprehensive approach to neurological care includes diagnostic testing, such as an EEG, on the Central Coast of California.