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Expertise in Neurological Diagnostic Testing on the Central Coast

What is neurological testing and what should I expect? At Dignity Health Central Coast, we provide comprehensive answers to your diagnostic testing questions and more. 

Trusted neurologists at Dignity Health Central Coast treat all types of disorders related to the brain and nerves. Our team approach to neurological diagnostic tests and procedures on the Central Coast of California includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, technicians, radiologists, and other exceptional care team members.

Find a Doctor today to discuss neurological care and diagnostic testing at Dignity Health Central Coast.


Neurological Diagnostic Tests at Dignity Health Central Coast

Neurological disorders can affect any part of your nervous system. Hundreds of disorders can cause problems with the spinal cord, brain, and nerve endings. Some common neurological conditions are:

If you experience the signs and symptoms of a neurological condition, our doctors may order one or more tests to determine your diagnosis. A neurological exam will often include diagnostic testing of your brain, spine, and nerve function. The results of these tests help your Dignity Health Central Coast neurologist determine the best treatment for you and your well-being.


Finding Answers with Diagnostic Tests

The signs and symptoms of many neurological conditions can look similar to each other or problems not related to the nervous system. For this reason, our award-winning neurologists use diagnostic testing to rule out certain causes and confirm diagnosis. 

Common neurological diagnostic testing includes: 

Neurological diagnostic testing helps your doctor arrive at a diagnosis as quickly as possible. This allows you to begin prompt treatment so that you can get back to the things you enjoy. 

For compassionate diagnostic testing on the Central Coast, contact Dignity Health.

The latest in neurological diagnostic testing on the Central Coast of California and the path to healing are found at Dignity Health.

Expertise in Neurological Diagnostic Testing on the Central Coast