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Neurological Care & Brain Scans on the Central Coast

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of a neurological disorder, your doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast may order a brain scan. The various types of brain scans examine structures within your brain to diagnose or monitor a number of neurological conditions.

To learn more about our brain scans on the Central Coast, including MRI and CT scans, Find a Doctor today who specializes in neurological care and diagnostic testing.


Brain Scans at Dignity Health Central Coast

There are three major types of brain scans. They are computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positive emission tomography (PET). 

Dignity Health Central Coast neurologists use brain scans to test for conditions affecting the nervous system, including:

Additional types of brain scans can measure oxygen use in your brain, cerebral blood volume, and other very specific aspects of brain structure and function.


What to Expect During a Brain Scan

If your neurologist schedules a brain scan at Dignity Health Central Coast, you will experience the following with each diagnostic test:

  • Neurological CT scan is performed at a Dignity Health Central Coast imaging center or hospital on an outpatient basis. CT scan imaging uses X-rays with or without the use of contrast dye.
  • MRI brain scan is similar to a CT scan. The MRI test takes place at a Dignity Health Central Coast hospital or imaging center. MRI uses magnetic field radio waves to produce images.
  • PET scan of the brain can show your actual brain function, unlike CT and MRI scans which just look at brain structure. The test involves the injection of a radioactive tracer substance through an IV line in your hand or arm.

Your comfort and well-being remain our top priority. Some patients find it difficult to lie still for extended periods of time, while others with claustrophobia feel uncomfortable inside the scanning machine. Talk to your doctor or technician about any concerns you have and how they can help make your scan more comfortable.

Dignity Health offers a comprehensive team approach to neurological care and provides brain scans throughout the Central Coast of California.