Compassionate Care for Multiple Sclerosis on the Central Coast

If your doctor has diagnosed you or a loved one with multiple sclerosis (MS), our goal at Dignity Health Central Coast is to slow its growth and provide the best treatment for your quality of life. This neurological condition slowly damages the protective layer covering your nerves and interferes with nervous system communication throughout your body.

Our comprehensive neurology team remains with you through every step of your journey. From multiple sclerosis diagnosis through personalized treatment, Dignity Health Central Coast provides care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Find a Doctor today who lives by a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect to help you live life to its fullest with multiple sclerosis on the Central Coast of California.


Living with a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis at Dignity Health Central Coast

No two people are the same, just as no two multiple sclerosis diagnoses are the same. Since MS interferes with the communication between your nerves in your brain and spine, multiple sclerosis symptoms can cause problems with coordination, trouble thinking, and tingling sensations throughout your body. 

Our comprehensive neurology team at Dignity Health Central Coast fully understands both the challenges and effective treatments so that you can live life fully following an MS diagnosis. Even though a cure does not yet exist, multiple sclerosis treatment help slow its progression, manage symptoms, and help improve your quality of life. 

Our diverse team of health care providers, including neurologists, occupational and physical therapists, mental health specialists, and others are by your side throughout your life to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


Multiple Sclerosis Causes & Treatment with Humankindness

While the cause of multiple sclerosis remains unclear, we do know that it centers around the immune system and its attack on your immune system. Intense research continues, and a number of new treatments continue to surface every day.

Until a cure for multiple sclerosis arrives, care for multiple sclerosis symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast currently involves physical and occupational rehabilitation, medications, and care for cognitive and mood issues.

Contact us to talk to a neurological care expert about treatment options for your health and well-being after a multiple sclerosis diagnosis on California’s Central Coast.

Dignity Health’s team of neurologists provides compassionate care for multiple sclerosis on the Central Coast of California.