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Multiple Sclerosis Treatments on the Central Coast for Quality of Life

Living life fully with multiple sclerosis remains the focus of our exceptional neurology team. Effective multiple sclerosis treatment helps slow its progress, restore physical function, and support you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Dignity Health Central Coast neurologists develop comprehensive MS treatment plans customized especially for your multiple sclerosis symptoms and individual needs. Find a Doctor today who works in partnership with you to help you live life to its fullest.


Discovering Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options at Dignity Health Central Coast

Your unique needs and overall well-being are the driving forces behind your multiple sclerosis treatment on the Central Coast of California. Our neurology specialists offer an array of options, ranging from multiple sclerosis pain treatment to multiple sclerosis treatment drugs. Other effective treatment options include: 

  • Physical therapy for muscle function and tone.
  • Medications that reduce inflammation related to MS and other related symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, bladder dysfunction, and emotional changes.
  • Occupational therapy so that you can perform daily activities without excess fatigue.
  • Orthotics or braces.
  • Assistive devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, or canes.
  • Cognitive therapy for help with reasoning and problem solving.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Social support for high quality of life and promoting independence.

You will play an active role in developing a multiple sclerosis treatment plan with your doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast. Achieving a high quality of life is the goal. Following your doctor’s advice will help prevent MS attacks or flare ups. 

Financial resources are available to help pay for your medications. Many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs. The National MS Society also provides support throughout your life’s journey. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in MS treatment with a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect.

Dignity Health neurological care focuses on quality of life with multiple sclerosis treatment on the Central Coast of California.