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Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms on the Central Coast

Muscle weakness and a general feeling of pain are among the many multiple sclerosis (MS) signs and symptoms. MS is a neurological condition, which means the disease affects your nervous system. Our doctors can help determine if your symptoms are early signs of multiple sclerosis.

With the region’s most diverse team of neurological caregivers, Dignity Health Central Coast not only provides effective treatment for MS, but also takes care of your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Find a Doctor today who will walk with you every step of your journey treating MS symptoms on the Central Coast of California.


Recognizing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms at Dignity Health Central Coast

Since many neurological conditions have similar symptoms as MS, your doctor will rule out other possible causes. Our specialized neurological team will start with a complete medical history, test muscle tone and reflexes, and look for specific MS symptoms, including: 

  • Bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Vision problems
  • Stiffness or spasms in your muscles
  • Trouble with balance
  • Tingling or numbness in your feet, hands, or face
  • Fatigue
  • Pain throughout your body
  • Depression or mood changes
  • Speech problems or difficulty swallowing
  • Change in cognitive function 

Your doctor will order tests that include a lumbar puncture to check spinal fluid for changes related to MS and imaging studies to check for problems with the covering of nerves (myelin sheath). A visual evoked potential test is used to evaluate the health of the optic nerves in your eyes. 

To accurately diagnosis MS, our neurologists take the time to thoroughly review your test results, symptoms, and medical history. Together, you and your doctor will create a personalized treatment plan that focuses on slowing the disease progression and maintaining your physical abilities.

To learn more about MS diagnosis and personalized treatment for multiple sclerosis, contact a neurological expert at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Offering trusted neurological care, experts at Dignity Health can effectively diagnose signs of multiple sclerosis on California’s Central Coast.