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Identifying Dementia Symptoms on the Central Coast

If you find it difficult to do your daily activities and have a hard time remembering simple things, you may have the early signs and symptoms of dementia. At Dignity Health Central Coast, our comprehensive neurology team provides personalized care with humankindness throughout every step of your diagnosis.

Dementia refers to several neurological conditions affecting the function of your brain. Lewy body dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and vascular dementia all fall under this category. Your dementia signs and symptoms can vary greatly, but our trusted neurologists will create a personalized treatment plan based on a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect for you.

Find a Doctor today for care with humankindness for dementia symptoms on the Central Coast of California.


Care for Early Signs of Dementia at Dignity Health Central Coast

Our neurologists can determine if dementia or another medical condition is responsible for your symptoms. Every person is unique, and dementia symptoms can vary based on the type. Generally, all types affect memory and cognitive function, whether they develop quickly or over many years.

At Dignity Health Central Coast, our doctors will look for these common dementia signs and symptoms as early indicators of dementia:

  • Continually repeating a behavior or word
  • Unable to concentrate, even for a short time
  • Memory loss that gets worse over time
  • Inability to solve simple problems
  • Personality changes, such as continual crying or angry outbursts
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Inability to control impulses, especially in public
  • Hallucinations
  • Using words incorrectly or having a hard time recalling the right word
  • Unable to do daily activities, like dressing and bathing

If your symptoms are less severe, you may not even notice these changes in your daily life. Your doctor will carefully review any dementia symptoms, as well as perform specialized neurological exams, to provide a personalized dementia treatment that focuses on your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


Uncovering Dementia Causes

Your doctor will carefully review your family medical history, personally assess your problem-solving abilities and attention span, and conduct a thorough neuropsychological exam to diagnose dementia. To rule out other causes of dementia signs and symptoms, our neurology team also may order magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), and blood tests.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, dementia treatment can help improve your quality of life. To help you understand if you or a loved one is showing signs of dementia, schedule an appointment with a trusted doctor at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Dignity Health neurologists carefully review and diagnose dementia symptoms on California’s Central Coast.