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Easing Pain of Spinal Stenosis Symptoms on the Central Coast

A neurological condition known as spinal stenosis puts pressure on your spinal nerves. This can cause pain, numbness, and discomfort, as well as other symptoms that can interfere with your activities and well-being. 

The signs and symptoms of spinal stenosis can be different depending on where the pressure is along your spine. Dignity Health Central Coast neurologists can help determine if the cause of your neck pain, lower back pain, or upper back pain is from this condition.

Find a Doctor today who will treat your spinal stenosis symptoms on the Central Coast of California with care, dignity, and respect.


Relieving Spinal Stenosis Pain at Dignity Health Central Coast

Spinal stenosis happens when the open space along your spine narrows. This open space, known as your spinal canal, provides room for your spinal cord and 33 pairs of nerves that connect to the rest of your body. 

Spinal stenosis occurs when pressure is placed on one or more spinal nerves. Most cases of spinal stenosis are the natural result of wear and tear that come with aging. Spinal stenosis signs and symptoms usually occur as the condition gets worse. These include:

  • Pain in your arms, neck, back, or legs
  • Muscle weakness in your arms or legs
  • Tingling or numbness in your arms or legs
  • Having a hard time walking completely upright 

Your doctor will discuss your symptoms with you to better understand your condition and rule out other causes. For a complete diagnosis, your doctor may also order the following: 

  • Physical exam that determines how you do certain physical tasks, such as touching your toes
  • Electromyography (EMG) to test the strength of your muscles
  • Imaging studies, including a spinal X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will carefully review the results to rule out other conditions, such as a herniated spinal disc. Once diagnosed, spinal stenosis treatment can start you on the path to pain relief and healing.

If you experience signs of spinal stenosis on California’s Central Coast, contact one of our doctors who provides care with humankindness.

Dignity Health neurologists effectively diagnose spinal stenosis symptoms on the Central Coast of California.